The Pre Cutting Edge to Take Your Game to a Higher Level

The gaming industry has released new pre-cutting edge technology, so you can bring your games anywhere. Forget those bulky CDs. It’s time to get r4iGold4 newest collections of super cards. Unlike with those bulky CDs that take a lot of space, our flashcards can give you the same quality experience without the bulk. These flashcards work with Nintendo DS and DS Lite. We stay up-to-date with your gaming needs, so we only keep the best brands. There are many online shops like lazada and zalora to choose from, but what sets us apart is our pricing and our guarantee that you’ll only get the best value for your money.   Flashcards are so tiny. They might be small, but you can store tons of games that you can take with you anywhere in amsterdam sightseeing tickets. R4igold is the gold standard for flashcards and gaming storage. Flashcards are essentials to your gaming experience. Get high-quality products without overpaying.

Ironclad Reputation of r4iGold4

Technology is moving fast-paced. But despite those unpredicted phases, we chose to remain loyal to our customers. The items we sell are compatible and will be usable for years to come. We don’t sell just for the sake of making a sale, we always keep in mind the satisfaction of our customer in every transaction. That’s the r4iGold4 promise. For us, reputation is a constant work that never ends. For that reason, we keep our ziggo glasvezel postcode check intact. We only get our supplies from reputable suppliers who conduct extreme QC testing before and after production to ensure the quality of the products. We don’t sell junk. You can always expect high-quality products.  That’s the ironclad reputation that we will protect and maintain by giving you quality gaming products at good prices.

r4 revolution

Bundled Deals

R4 flash cards can be bundled with a memory card (any brand of your choice). You can choose the memory card size depending on your needs. If you need higher memory, we are sure to have it in store for you. Getting the bundle comes with offers & coupons. We get directly from the manufacturer of these cards, so we can get them at lower prices. We want our gamers to take their gaming experience to the next level with our mijn kind wordt 18 jaar zorgverzekering and special promotions. With our bundled deals, our customers could get extra items almost for free without sacrificing quality. This is what we’re here for, great products with affordable pricing.  As a result, our buyers could enjoy getting these products in retail but as if they bought it in bulk due to the low prices. It’s smart to get R4 with a memory card. The higher the memory, the better. It will allow you to save games and files in just one tiny piece of card that you can take anywhere. The fun never stops.

Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

Óur goal is to always give you a smooth transaction every time. r4iGold4 will guide you in choosing the right flash card for you. We also monitor our transactions from the moment they reach our system. We ship the orders as soon as possible and give proper notifications to our customers. We guarantee to make you smile after each transaction. That’s how to use aliexpress coupon in app with a personal touch. If problem arises, you can always find us ready to help and do the right thing. Till our next transaction.


Here is the list of our high-quality flash cards and memory cards for your Nintendo DS and DS lite. We have tested the compatibility with gaming devices, and they work perfectly.
r4 red
r4 revolution
gold card

Friendly Support Staff at Your Service

If something goes wrong with the shipping or if the product got damage due to carrier mishandling, When we started with r4igold4, there’s nothing more important than giving our customers the treatment they deserve. We take your business seriously. So if something is not right, our woolworths ecard promo code will be happy to make it right. Contact us, and we’ll get down to business. r4iGold4 will be with you every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our priority. Simply notify us of the issue, and we’re ready to take action.

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